Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who, What, Why, When and Where

Is there ever any such thing as closure? Don't all of us have open ended underlying issues that we have to deal with? When I say I want to find and meet my birth mother and possibly my father, I'm not saying I want anything from them. Not friendship; I have friends, not parents; I had great parents, not money; well now, if you felt the need to pass some moolah along, I wouldn't complain. But we don't expect anything but to know the who, what, why, when, and where of it all.

Are birth parents afraid to come forward because they think we want something from them? Trust me when I say, we've really gotten over you being the mother or the father; we just need some questions answered. Now that's not to say we wouldn't accept friendship or whatever else you have to offer, but that's not the reason we look for you.

We're not trying to spoil your dirty little secret, but remember we've lived our lives as the "secret." If adoptees could get rid of the secrecy factor, reunions wouldn't be necessary, we'd have all of the closure we'd need. L. Sleigh I hope you're reading this so you know I don't want anything but answers.

Maybe I'm just a Sleigh ride away... well, you know the rest.

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