Friday, November 5, 2010


Adoptees are not invisible! Okay, now you're asking yourself "what is she talking about now?" Well, I'll tell you. When I was a little girl, I remember people talking about me in front of me like I wasn't there, like they couldn't see me. Better yet, like I was less than human because of my "circumstances." Through no fault of my own and for reasons I don't understand, I was conceived, born and given away. Everyone who knew about my being adopted would speak to my Mother and Father about me like they had gone to the store and bought a chicken to cook. Although vaguely, I remember phrases like, "where did you get her?" "is she from Muncie?" "how old was she when you got her?" "do you know anything about her?" etc. Can you imagine hearing grown folks who are supposed to know better or at least know how to use tact in front of a child asking questions about me like I didn't exist? I now know why I have feelings of not belonging, no one would allow me to belong. I was an outcast simply because I was born.

I so want to get off of the Sleigh ride, but it keeps going, going, going and won't release me


  1. I remember one day I was in the store with my two foster kids who were obviously of a different race (although there African American and Mexican they look Mexican). This lady asked me where I got them from because they could not be mine.. So I told her that someone left them in a grocery cart in Walmart I thought they were cute so I took them.
    I just walked away afterwards and she just stood there with her mouth open. Just because people are old that does mean they have common sense

  2. Carla,

    That is too funny! I need to come up with a good comeback to have when people ask me what race I am!