Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wednesday night I watched America's Next Top Model. To teach the girls they selected for the season about rejection, they made them think they were going home. The girls who weren't picked for the new season were actually made to believe they had made it to the next round. They showed the emotional reactions of the girls who were actually staying and while it was amazing to see their excitement, they didn't show the girls who were actually going home.

Now I understand that in that world, models are rejected daily just as most of us have been or will be. I'm sure many of us (if not all of us) have suffered the feeling of rejection. We have interviewed for jobs that we didn't get, we have applied for loans that we didn't get, we have wanted to be on a team and weren't selected, etc. And with those rejections we have endured the feelings of momentary low self esteem and lack of confidence. For the most part, we get over those feelings and move on.

Imagine the feelings of rejection for an adoptee, especially an adoptee who is searching for a parent. Each day we can't find our family members we have to acknowledge that rejection on a regular basis. I really wish that a birth mother who decides to relinquish their child would take the time to think about the rejection that child will feel later in life.

With all of the rejection people go through why would someone purposely inflict that kind of pain? Tyra Banks who had been rejected several times at the beginning of her journey should be the last person to deliberately inflict that kind of pain on anyone. Tyra, I have to tell you, you missed the boat on this one.

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