Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Before this Mother's Day comes to an end, I need to give love to my mother, the late Irene Thompson Elmore. I love you for adopting me, molding me, and nurturing me into the woman I am. I also have to give thanks to L. Sleigh for putting me up for adoption. I'm prayerful that L. Sleigh gave me up out of love and I pray Irene Elmore (and Clay Elmore) adopted me out of love. Though I may never know their reasons, on this day I feel blessed that the whatevers and the why fors fell in place the way they did. None of this could have happened if God were not involved and since God doesn't make mistakes, I know that everything was done properly.

There are several other women that were part of my life and I feel this is a great time to give them honor:

Janet Stovall Kemp (now deceased)
Imogene Pugh
Evelyn Wilson

There were many many more, and the fact I can't remember them all, blame that on my head and not my heart.

Happy Mother's Day

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