Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview With Adult Adoptee Male/61

Puzzled Piece
Adult Adoptee Interview

Age: 61

Gender: Male

1. What age were you when you were adopted?

15 months

2. In what State were you adopted?


3. Was your adoption open or closed?


4. How old were you when you were first informed about your adoption?


5. Have you considered searching for anyone from your birth family?

Already Have

6. Did you inform your adoptive parents of your plans to search?

All 4 Are Deceased

7. Were your adoptive parents supportive in your search?


8. Have you actually started your search

Have Done That & Continue to search my birth family tree

9. Do you know any member of your birth family? -


10. Were you adopted with a sibling? (If yes, male or female sibling?)

No – But I have a female sibling that was adopted

The following questions were asked to get a better understanding of some hereditary conditions that may have been avoided if the adoptee had access to their medical history

Autoimmune Diseases - yes
Cancer - no
Diabetes - yes
Hair Loss - no
Heart Health - no
Lung Health - yes
Menopause - no
Mental Health - no
Multiple Sclerosis - no
Reproductive Health - no
Sarcoidosis - no

In your own words how do you feel about being adopted?

My parents (Mom & Dad) were both infamous heroin dealers and users on the West and South sides of Chicago from the 1940’s until the 1970’s – My mother had me at age 16 and I don’t know how old my father was – I do know that they both loved me even though they could not take care of me - because I’m told I had a lot of health issues – They didn’t want me to go into the system – so they had a big family meeting and my great uncle and aunt stepped up and agreed to adopt me at age 15 months - as long as my folks signed over full rights to me – They agreed and they all went to court and it was done in a friendly manner – When I was six years old and in the first grade, they sat me down and explained the whole situation to me and answered all my questions – They took me from Chicago , to Gary, Indiana - where I grew up – as I got older and healthier – they allowed me to spend more and more time with my birth mom at my grandfather’s house in Chicago – Even to this day I’m thankful and grateful to them for that opportunity – because of that – I am the person I am today – able to love, and be loved – My birth father died when I was 7 and my mother when I was 21 – the last thing she said to me was; “ Son, I have always loved You “ – I never talked to her or saw her alive again – she died while we were on our way back to Gary.


  1. This is one of the adoption scenarios that was done the right way. A child's life was at stake (for health reasons) - extended family stepped in/stepped up, and eventually facilitated reunion with the first parents.

    Thank you so much for featuring these interviews!


  2. M...

    You are so welcome! I agree that this particular family did things the correct way! This participant was extremely blessed.

    Thanks for your comment!