Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Beautiful Sonday/Learning to Listen

I have to admit, I haven't gotten a lot done today but sometimes the body and the mind just need to rest. We clutter our lives with so many things we don't give ourselves the time we need to heal and rejuvenate. There are times we need to sit back, relax, drink a cup of hot tea, play some soothing music and listen to our own thoughts. God will speak to us in the midst of our thoughts. He may be ready to tell you something you need to hear; a blessing you've been blocking, a break through, maybe even a set up for a come back! I'm a list writer, in fact, just this morning I discovered that my list writing has become an obsession because I found lists in three or four different places in my house. Some of the lists were duplicates of other lists. I bring up the lists because they prove my mind is too cluttered; so filled with "junk" I have to write things down to keep from forgetting. Who has time to do that much thinking. The lists showed me my mind needs to rest. Simply rest!

I noticed too that I keep several televisions on everyday as though I'm afraid of missing something. I have missed something; me! Perhaps we need to turn off the distractions such as television and digital games so we can hear our thoughts. We need to "fix" ourselves so we can be a blessing to others. If it's not meant for us to hep others, we can at least be open to listening to them. By putting yourselves out there for others, we open the doors to our acts of favor from God. I'm amazed daily at how God has truly had mercy on me, even through times of tribulation, He was blessing me.

So big ups to another beautiful Sonday! Thanks again God for another day!

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